Notion Dynamics was founded in 1991 by award winning designer Douglas Tocco. Since then we have created images, animations, branded identities, corporate campaigns and more for companies large and small. Utilizing the full range of creative resources, we are called upon as consultants and creators when a company is looking for that unique edge.

We live to create and love to inspire. Our passion drives our direction and we work with organizations or individuals looking to rise above the ordinary.

We specialize in image making and storytelling whether it's a single event, a product rollout or your corporate image. The foundation of our work is always design. It's the language we speak and texture, color and line are the narratives we use to form a compelling story.

Douglas Tocco has a very eclectic background of creative interests that drive the direction of the studio. In the past 20+ years we have done almost every sort of visual project. Notion Dynamics began as an illustration company producing high level advertising, editorial and poster art. In the early '90's we designed and programmed the original web sites for Ford, Chevrolet and Pontiac. This interactive experience grew into a dynamic client base including companies such as Coca-Cola, Nike, Bosch, General Motors, Kraft, Coors, and more. Now we design and build virtual animations, interactive exhibits and architectural experiences.

Our role is to always make our clients look their absolute best. Visit our gallery for a glimpse of some of our favorite work.

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